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To secure corporates’ systems in the age of targeted threats, AhnLab provides a comprehensive product lineup that is capable of defending against a wide range of cyber attacks. Our technical capabilities, coupled with our extensive experience in the information security industry, result in a consistent security strategy—one that not only defeats present attackers, but also creates a secure environment to defend against the threats of the future.

Security Platform

Threat Analysis

  • ASEC (AhnLab Security Emergency Response Center)

    ASEC (AhnLab Security Emergency Response Center) is a world-class emergency response organization comprised of malware researchers and security experts. ASEC monitors security threats around-the-clock, collects and analyzes malicious codes with its own threat identification rules. This team then promptly provides new malware signatures and responses. Its deep insight into today’s security environment and constant availability gives AhnLab the capability to quickly mitigate complex and evolving security issues.

  • AhnLab CERT

    AhnLab’s CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) monitors and responds to outbreaks and attacks 24/7. With its extensive experience and know-how, AhnLab’s CERT contributes to preventing security threats from spreading around the world.

Cloud-based Intelligence

  • ASD (AhnLab Smart Defense)

    ASD (AhnLab Smart Defense) is a cloud-computing based security system of AhnLab and strategy. Samples collected from numerous sensors around the world are analyzed using a variety of analytic methods. Also, ASD implements the Hybrid Analysis System (HAS) to quickly identify unknown malware, and develops signatures in a fraction of the time.

    ASD system provides a legitimate solution to the problems with today’s current security environment. This cloud-based system drastically improves response time, reduces the need for system resources, and ultimately provides security intelligence. Based on ASD strategy, AhnLab’s technologies and solutions seamlessly converge into a single platform to cope with evolving IT security challenges. The rapid, automated response of ASD system increases the likelihood of preventing unknown malware and zero-day attacks, and seamlessly updates all our products simultaneously.


Endpoint Security

AhnLab helps corporates of all sizes keep their systems - PCs, servers, mobile and other service systems – safe and reliable by protecting them against malware such as viruses, worms and spyware.

Network Security

Managing a security infrastructure to combat threats is increasingly challenging as networks grow in size and complexity. AhnLab provides solutions that give you network-wide visibility of your security platform and eliminate unnecessary management overhead.

Advanced Threat Defense

Today’s advanced targeted malware evades typical security defenses – but not AhnLab’s advanced threat protection solutions. AhnLab delivers fast, truly comprehensive host and network protection against known and unknown malware, zero-day exploits, and targeted attacks.

  • AhnLab MDS : Advanced threat protection through dynamic payload and network traffic analysis


AhnLab provides exceptional security services with the dedicated, highly-trained professionals who are capable of responding to advanced and sophisticated security incidents.